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Tom Austin, Owner

Tom Austin has been driving trucks since he was 15 years old, and began his career in 1986 as an OTR truck driver.  Although it was enough to make ends meet for his family, he was not very happy about being away from home so often.  

One evening in 1988, a friend mentioned to Tom that his sister's home needed moved a few miles.  Unfortunately, she didn't have the money to have it done.  Being the creative and adventurous man that Tom is, he proposed welding a hitch on his semi - to move it for them, himself! So, for that $40 hitch, he moved the lady's home! 

A few months later he helped yet another friend, and then another. Before long, people began coming to him, asking if he would move their homes, as well!  

Soon thereafter, Tom came upon a mobile home toter for sale on the side of a roadway, right after leaving the hospital having gall bladder surgery.  Unable to even stand upright at that moment, he thought, "By moving only two homes a month I could meet the monthly payments on this toter." But it wasn't long after that he was moving more than two homes per week!  That's when he became "Austin Mobile Home Transport".

​Mr. Austin opened the sales and parts store in 1991, becoming "Austin Mobile Home Transport, Sales & Parts", and he has bought, sold and moved many homes since then.  He began selling new homes in 2014, when his (now) wife began working with him to assist with sales.  

Throughout the years, Tom's business has grown tremendously, and 

We at Austin Homes are happy to be of service to you!  From our family to yours, we are here to assist you from start to finish.  We are happy to assist you with buying, delivering and servicing your new home!

Meet the family of Austin Homes!